How to write a application for scholarship

 Hello and welcome my friend today i am share with you how to write an application for educational scholarship lets get started..

How to write scholarship letter

First of all, for what reason do we need this type of scholar ship?

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It is then seen.

After explaining your situation, it is considered. 

There are many types of categories in it too. 

Write reasons why you are reserved for the scholarship.

In this post i am give you just an example for writing an application it is just an example so be aware if you writing an application change something okay lets start..


The principal

Govt higher secondary school Raipur (C.G.)

Subject : An application for scholarship for my higher studies.

Sir, I am a student of your school and my father works in a shop and there he is paid only Rs 5000 per month. Which costs our house. Some of our needs are also fulfilled by this, but now as I am moving towards higher education, I feel a need for more money for my studies.

For which we are working hard but we are not getting enough income from the work done at home so that I can not pay your school fees here and I want to study in a coaching center also, for this I need more money Is studying.

So I humbly request you to kindly grant me a scholarship so that I can remain in your school for higher education and can brighten the name of your school.

Thank you.   

                       Your favorite student

                                                 Sachin Sharma

class 12th

Date- 26-08-2020                       

it is just an example if you are a belong to other background change your situation and change the words but this is the format of writing an application for higher studies scholarship.

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